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Friday, February 4, 2011

Return to NCIS

NCIS Director Leon Vance has reviewed the following photos and approved their release on a Need to Know basis.  Unauthorized disclosure is prohibited.

Come in and please close the door behind you.

Jethro and Ziva are busy discussing the progress of the current Investigation, so lets continue on.... the Wardrobe Department.


You may recognize some of these garmets from your favorite NCIS episode.


Everything is organized and identified by Episode and Actor.

Cool NCIS Ballcaps

Abby has a full calendar this month.

Better put on your latex gloves before handling this stuff.

Inside Jethro's basement.
The bike really belongs to Mark H.

This area serves as a Garage.  
It was also where we had lunch, minus the tables and chairs.

The Principle Cast Members have Trailors to hang out in when they are not on the set.
This is Mark Harmon's.

Hey...Who let these Tourists  in here?

NCIS Director Leon Vance's office.
He's not in at the moment.
I wonder what's on his desk?

WOW...Top Secret NCIS stuff!
  Now where did I put my reading glasses...?????