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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Castello del Trebbio

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Castello del Trebbio was constructed in the late twelfth century for the Pazzi family. 

In the fourteenth century the Pazzi family was very powerful, surpassed only by the Medici family. In 1478 some Pazzi family members decided to change the balance of power by killing the two strongest Medici brothers, Giuliano and Lorenzo the Magnificent. History has called the events which followed the ‘Pazzi conspiracy’. Giuliano was killed but Lorenzo escaped and his revenge was terrible. Many of the Pazzi were killed and their property was seized. Castello del Trebbio was given to the Medici family. They stripped it of all but two of the Pazzi treasures; A shield sculpted by Donatello remains in the courtyard today and part of a fresco by Andrea del Castagno. 

The castle underwent the last major structural change in the 15th century when the Medici family extended it, forming a courtyard and adding an internal well. 

The cellar of the castle holds barrels of Chianti

And olive oil in big clay jars.  Notice the iron rings attached to the ceiling?  This room was also the castles dungeon where its prisoner were secured.

Looks like someone had a little too much chianti....

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