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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How To Throw A Birthday Party

Our friends the Trujillos, invited us to their son Christopher's birthday party yesterday.  A successful birthday party needs two key ingredients: Food and Entertainment.

 First and foremost, provide delicious munchies for the parents.

As for the kids, let someone else do the cooking.

Mustard angus beef hot dog with fries...mmmmmmmm.

That's me with the corporate symbol.

If you want to entertain kids, you can't miss with a Reptile Show

This guy only eats Wienerschnitzel Kosher Turkey Dogs

 Even the 12-long snake was having a good time!

 The 60-pound African Desert Tortoise was very popular.  That's not rabies, he just finished eating a banana.

 Time to pack up.

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