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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Port a' Potty

San Pedro has a World Class Port...

 ...With a World Class Fountain...

...and right beside that Fountain is a World Class Restroom.

I have never been inside  a world class restroom, so I decided to take a Peek and look inside.

 Maybe its just me, but does this look like the toilet in County Lockup?

I guess the reason for the hand sensor is that you don't want touch anything in here.

So you need to make some kind of Close Encounters of the Third Kind hand movements to activate the flushing mechanism.

After you have finished your business, its on to the sink.

 To minimize physical contact with anything, you only need to touch three little buttons.

 So first you turn on the dryer, followed by the water, and finally the soap.   I think if I had designed this thing,  I would have put the buttons is a different order.


  1. It is possible that the Chinese made it since they read from Right to Left????

  2. Hey Tom,
    We saw your reflection in the mirror. What t-shirt are you wearing? I looks like a Corner Store t-shirt! Very cool!